Eyelid eczema

Eyelid eczema causes the skin on the eyelids and soft skin around the eye become flaky and red. It is immensely irritating and painful. One has the impulse to scratch the skin which will ultimately lead to infections or more skin inflammations. The skin around the eye looks red and displeasing. One cannot even hide such eczema. One of the major causes for eczema is hormonal imbalance. One must try for treatment and other additional measures to cure the eczema as soon as possible.

Eyelid Eczema

The treatment is quite time-consuming. One has to carry on several sub processes along with the medical treatment to have a fast cure. Firstly, one must use mild soap to face cleansing. Normal chemical based soaps make the skin makes the skin drier and slows down the treatment. One can use different natural cleanser for the purpose.

Doctors prescribe different steroid based ointments. These ointments help in the flaky skin reduction and reduce eyelid eczema. It’s tough to treat the skin around the eyes as it is very thin and sensitive. Any wrong treatment can affect the eye as well. So during ointment application one must be very careful.

Vitamin E is very useful for moisturizing skin and hence helps in the treatment. One can use Vitamin E based ointments and Aloe Vera to cure the puffiness and dry skin.

One can make an oatmeal mask with oatmeal and honey. Application of the mask three times a week makes the skin around the eyes healthy.

In eyelid eczema, petroleum jelly is helpful to a great extent. It reduces the chance for external infection and builds a layer of moisture over the infected area. It will also reduce the irritation and itching sensation.

One must consult doctor before any taking any medicine internally or externally. The natural ways of treatment helps the medicinal treatment to a great extent and fastens the treatment process.

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