Psoriasis Association of Singapore

Annual General Meeting with a twist of fun! Reported by Nik

The 25th Annual General Meeting of the Psoriasis Association of Singapore was held on 14th July, 2007. Door gifts were
sponsored by Ego Pharmaceuticals Singapore Pte Ltd.

Before the AGM, the members were treated to a movie “Just Follow Law”. It is a light-hearted film that explores some of the dilemmas and problems faced by typical Singaporeans, blue or white collar workers alike. Many of the issues brought up are close to the heart of most Singaporeans. Our members were charmed by its humorous and perceptive insights.

Our President, Dr Colin Theng gave a brief opening speech by welcoming and thanking our members, as well as the working committee for their consistent support throughout the year. It was heartening to see the overwhelming number of members, some with their families, who turned up for the AGM.

It just keeps growing, Kudos! Members were treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch. The members had the opportunity to mingle with and get to know one another, all of whom share a common challenge or life situation. They shared their feelings and information with those in the same situation and who understand. This was a truly positive experience for most members.

After the delightful lunch, the support group, led by our very own “Resident” singer cum composer Michael Gaspar, graciously presented two songs, viz., “I Will Survive” and “I Will Overcome”. The lyrics of the songs tell us about the confidence and courage in moving on with our life living with psoriasis. The tunes were catchy and the other members joined in the singing of these songs which are instilled with inspiring and meaningful messages.

One of the committee members, Nik, presented his testimonial in a dramatic fashion. It was filled with jokes and was motivational. He managed to interact with other members who also related their own life story. Nik stressed that one’s mental outlook must be positive so that we can live life to the fullest. His best weapon for fighting stress was humour. He said that if he can’t giggle WITH them, he will giggle IN SPITE OF them. For him, humor IS survival. His motto is: Be Up Front, Move On and Learn to Live With It!

The AGM itself went smoothly with the election of officials and the approval of the official papers and accounts. A new committee
was elected with new blood brought into the committee to inject new ideas into the association. Dr Colin Theng, thanked the support group for their hard work in building up the PSG into a self-sustaining entity and for being one of the key arms of the Association.

In appreciation of the hard work, a token and a certificate of appreciation were given to all the six cmmittee members.

It was a truly wonderful and enjoyable AGM. Team spirit and active participation helped to foster a closer relationship among
our members and the overall support from the committee played a part in making the AGM a success.

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