Treatment Methods For Eczema

Eczema is one of the commonest skin diseases that we are facing today. This disease is prevalent today because of several reasons. Let us see what the important reasons for eczema and how to treat it. Most of the reasons for eczema are avoidable and hence if we avoid such reasons, we can easily keep this disease at bay.

Treatment Methods For Eczema

Before understanding the causes for eczema, we have to understand what eczema is. Atopic dermatitis is another name for eczema. Usually it affects small children, but there are cases where even the adults were also attacked by it, but such cases are very rare. The word literally means boil out. The skin becomes scratchy, cracked and dry. This is more prevalent in western European countries rather than in any other part of the world. In Europe, it is so prevalent that more than 30% of all skin related diseases are eczema cases.

1) Hormonal imbalance of the body: This is the most important reason for eczema. As we all know it very well, our body functions are controlled by a large number of hormones. The over secretion or under secretion of certain hormones. Thyroid gland is a gland which produces thyroid hormone, which is one of the most important hormones responsible for our body to maintain all its functions. When the thyroid secretion is low in the body, it reduces the circulation of blood to certain parts of the body and in such cases, eczema develops in such regions.

2) Certain types of foods and some toxins also initiate eczema in human body and that continues for a long time. White flour, sugar, oily and fatty foods etc are the factors which increase the severity of eczema in human beings. Some medical drugs and different types of antibiotics, toxins which are inhaled either through our breathing and certain other toxins which are taken with food can also turn out to be the causes for eczema in many people.

3) Mental stress and tension are also the important reasons for eczema. It is really funny to believe that two different totally unrelated things have a close relationship with each other. Mental stress and strain is caused by several reasons. They include strenuous and monotonous job, financial loss, family related issues, property issues and many other different reasons. All these reasons increase the stress hormone levels in your body and as these stress hormone levels increase in the body, they will increase the blood pressure. As a result of that, eczema, if it is already present, gets worse and if it is not present, these factors may lead to it. All these are the strong factors which weaken your immunity and lead to eczema.

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